An online money transfer service with a smile. Case study.


One Money Mail Ltd, a market leader in financial transfers from UK to Poland has launched ‘Funcik’ to fill the gap in online money transfers to Poland at the time. With years of experience providing individual transfer services for thousands of customers through hundreds of branches across the UK, 1MM saw an opportunity in a purely online service, dedicated mainly to younger and more tech savvy customers.

Having previously been involved in producing various marketing materials for Funcik’s sister brand I was a trusted choice and given a lot of freedom designing this new service.

I formed a slick design team with Łukasz Świstuń who specialises in UX and together we have devised an entire strategy for the product including its distinctive (financial sector wise) visual identity.


The main goal for Funcik was to make user journey as quick and easy as possible, allowing even the first time users to make initial transfer with almost no formalities straight from the landing page, which was itself quite revolutionary for this type of service at the time.

Lazy Registration seemed to work pretty well and inviting. Also consistent navigation, simple and clean dashboard with playful iconography and dynamic user interface, short popup messages and simplified 4-step transfer process, all contributed to stakeholders vision of the product.

The ultimate UX challenge was to build and maintain trust among potential and existing customers. During a series of small workshops with 1MM's employees and potential users of the product we understood, that transferring money can be a stressful situation for many people, especially online.

As a result of these workshops we employed a clearly labelled step by step transfer process, well explained ‘How to' sections and automated email and text messaging confirmation system to the product, which gave that extra layer of security needed.

‘Funcik’ stands for a diminutive form of one pound coin in Polish language. It also consists an English word ‘fun’ within it, which considering a rather fresh vision for the service I decided to play upon designing a logotype.

Furthermore, in Polish grammar ‘Funcik’ is a masculine form of a noun… it is a boy to be precise. Add one of the stakeholder’s love for happy faces, passionately used in all marketing collateral produced before by Funcik's sister brand to the mix and here we have a jolly face for our product.

A minimalistic, orange themed stationery set with foil-blocked logotype was prepared for rare, offline situations in Funcik's life. I’ve also proposed a little treat in form of a shopping cart token to be given away in existing 1MM branches across the UK during promotional product launch campaign.