Jan Niezbendny

An attempt to package 100 kilograms of sarcasm and satire into a small CD case.

“The Best Of” is an unusual music album, performed in the form of a radio play. It is a satirical, superhero kind of a story about a day in life of a 38 years old, overweight bravado chauvinist. Unemployable, enjoying life off his mother’s pension money, Jan is dreaming up a show business career.

The album, through Jan’s ups and downs satirizes many of life's absurd realities in modern day Polish society.
In the artist’s own words it is a musical tribute to Polish comedy movies of the 70s, which are renowned for serving a similar purpose under the very restrictive Communist rule.

All lyrics has been included inside the booklet attached to the case. I wanted the booklet to be read as a low quality, 'cut and paste' animated movie with unregistered images and misplaced type. Each title is accompanied by a relevant illustration, some of which are presented below together with a soundtrack.

Looking for a relevant graphical mood I found my inspiration in optical art style, vintage circus flyers and symbolism of a classic Polish drama ‘The Wedding’ by Stanislaw Wyspianski.

'The Best Of' has been named The Best Album of 2013 by Kazik Staszewski. Song 'Jam Niezbendny Jest' has received The Best Comedy Song Award by Polish Radio 3 the same year.